Retaining Fences to Gabion Walls

Retaining Fences to Gabion Walls
Gabion Wall with Retaining Fence installed

These fences have been erected into existing Gabion walls. Within the Gabion wall there are pockets that have been manufactured to universally fit the required posts. They are then concreted into the wall to make secure.

Retaining Fences

Concrete Retaining Fence Close up
Retaining Fence with Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards
Retaining Fences Concrete Posts
Concrete Retaining Fences

These retaining fences are erected using combinations of gravel boards and panels. They can be used in conjunction with either our concrete slotted posts or our alternative wooden slotted posts. Different styles of panels can be used, as the slotted posts can be used with all of our panels.